What’s next for a pair of one-year-old jeans?

June 13, 2018true religion singapore Standard

In 2013, local designer Yoshiyuki Hayashi and textile expert Yukinobu Danjo teamed up with local agency Discoverlink Setouchi to plan a collaboration to support local development. After careful weighing, the three decided to cooperate in the launch of a minimalist boutique Onomichi Denim Shop to attract more attention to the region’s exquisite craftsmanship and the local people’s unique fashion taste.

Do not underestimate the second-hand jeans sold in this store. A pair of jeans that have been worn for more than a year can be priced twice as much as new products.

The store selected a group of tryers from the local area and began a one-year trial of try-out. These tryers promised to rotate two pairs of jeans in one year to ensure that they are almost daily. Then they took their pants to the shop every week and received a special denim process to leave the jeans where the tryers lived and worked.

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