Best way to wash your jeans

June 13, 2018true religion jeans outlet Standard

After the jeans are washed and dried, they must be hard. This is in addition to the reason you use detergent, and one of the reasons is that there is a layer of glue on the denim. Therefore, try not to use machine wash or dry cleaning for the first time. It is better to wear it on your body. Cleaning jeans will make your jeans more in line with your leg type, and the effect will be better. After cleaning, hang it in a ventilated place and let it air dry.

Newly purchased jeans can be first immersed in salted water (the salt water can be tasted as long as it is salty). After a whole day, rub it again with your hands. Do not use machine washing. Usually when washing, if you can turn the side out and then wash and dry, you can also minimize the degree of fading.

Fold the jeans and put them in the laundry bag (or use hand wash). Use the dishwashing detergent (because normal detergents have a whiter effect). The ingredients contain a little bleach, so the jeans are easy to fade and wash. The bowl contains no bleach and can be greased in addition to its cleansing effect. Jeans or other dyed new clothes contain a layer of glue (the taste of new clothes), and they can be soaked with white vinegar after buying it, which can make the clothes soft and can be fixed to prevent discoloration.

For less dirty jeans, use a detergent to wash, try not to use detergent, the general detergent contains a certain percentage of bleach, easy to fade jeans. In addition, please turn the jeans upside down so that it can effectively extend its life.

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