Is jeans cotton the more, the better?

June 13, 2018true religion jeans online Standard

Is the higher the cotton content, the better? No, cotton is easy to wrinkle and shrink. The tops of cotton are easy to wrinkle. Pure cotton feels good, but it is not easy to manage. Jeans are a very special category of clothing, its main feature is the long life, and the value of the product is also increasing with the increase in life expectancy, that is, the more old jeans, in fact, should be more valuable, but also more beautiful. The level of a pair of jeans is largely determined by the grade of the fabric.

The cost of a piece of jeans is mainly composed of fabric cost, processing cost, accessories cost, washing cost, circulation cost, and merchant profit. Of these costs, the ones most likely to be faked are fabrics. As long as they are textile and apparel-based, anyone who knows a little about the price of cotton and yarn knows how much fabric a pair of jeans consumes. There are multiple, so it is easy to figure out the cost of a piece of jeans fabric. According to the current international cotton and cotton yarn prices, it is easy to conclude that if adulteration is not done, it is impossible to make such a low-priced finished product.

The more beautiful you wash, the older and more savory, are the distinguishing features of jeans that differ from ordinary clothing. To achieve this goal, the fabric texture is undoubtedly crucial. Jeans with poor fabrics not only have a short product life, are uncomfortable to wear, but are also subject to change, discoloration, and wear and tear. At the same time, the added value of jeans is also reflected by washing water, and the quality and effect of washing water is totally dependent on the texture of the fabric. Without good fabrics, it is impossible to make very high-grade washing effects.

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