Buying this new fabric jeans is an attitude

June 13, 2018cheap true religion jeans Standard

From the work clothes of American gold rushers to the classic engraved Japanese textile and dyeing techniques, the position of jeans in fashion items has always been difficult to shake. Whether it is not “cattle owners” or not, there is always a pair of jeans in the closet.

One of the original cows to buy home, sitting cross-legged every day, in order to raise a few cat whiskers, with the wear habits form a fall, the wearer can wear a unique effect with the jeans.

The reason why the original cow is “shaped” is directly related to the number of pounds in jeans. The higher the pound number, the harder it is, and it can even stand upright on the ground. However, in the summer, there is basically no need to pursue high pounds. The moderate 12oz to 14oz is a comfortable and stylish pound.

However, since the original cow will fall, the dye will be stained on other clothes, and it will take at least a year to develop its favorite effect, like a practice of patience and willpower. Washing the water jeans directly helps you “cross” through to the successful cow raising step.

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